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Hue is not a popular destination for autumn lovers, yet the transition between the sunny and rainy seasons allows locals and tourists to soak up the warm sun, cool breezes and yellow leaves falling from the branches. Venturing down streets where canopies of leaves turn red and yellow is not a bad way to explore the city’s seasonal charm.

Hue authorities are taking on innovative measures to make the city’s royal relics more appealing to tourists. In addition to 1000 LED bulbs run up the Flag Tower, about 2,356 new LED will be installed at the base of the 2,500-meter wall and ramparts of the city’s Citadel and 450 new wide angle LED headlamps at Ngoai Kim Thuy Lake, whichsurrounds the Imperial City. The effort is part of a recently approved art lighting project. Look out for the the most illuminating site in this UNESCO World Heritage Site soon.
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Phuoc Tich, which is about 35km north of Hue City, is one of only two age-old villages in Vietnam recognized as national cultural-historical relics. The village is home to century-old traditional houses called 'nha ruong' set amidst beautiful gardens. Many of them are now in very poor condition, requiring urgent restoration. More than 3.6 billion VND (nearly $155,000 USD) has been spent to restore five "nha ruong" as part of the province's project to safeguard and promote the values of Hue's iconic garden houses this year.
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The USD 6 million riverwalk project on the south bank of Huong River is expected to accomplish in late 2018, offering a scenic path for locals and travelers to promenade and sightsee. The four-meter wide and 380 meters long walk connecting Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian street with Ly Tu Trong Park runs between the historic Truong Tien Bridge and Hue Central Hospital.

More than 80 artists from many countries have joined hands to turn two sides of a long wall on Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street into a lively art scene with eye-catching palettes and various subjects from animals, cartoon characters, strange-looking shapes to naive faces of children. The 800-meter long art walls is about 7 kilometers away from the city center en route to abandoned water park at Thuy Tien Lake, via the Bunker Hill.

August and September are months of Thanh Tra, a kind of Hue’s very own pomelo. Thuy Bieu Ward is famous for the finest and most delicious pomelos. The specialty fruit has a unique flavour and taste thanks to fertile soil replenished by the Perfume River, fresh breezes, and all-day tropical sunlight. A festival to promote Thanh Tra is held around Vietnam Independence Day, and the fruit also journeys to Le Parfum Restaurant of La Residence. Be sure to order Chef Hai a Thanh Tra salad while you are in Hue this time!
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More than 80 precious items carved with dragons and phoenixes are on display in the former imperial capital city of Huế to celebrate 25 years since UNESCO awarded the title of World Heritage Site to the complex of monuments in the city. The exhibits include those borrowed from the Việt Nam Museum of National History in Hà Nội and several owned by the Huế Museum of Royal Antiquities. The exhibition is taking place at the Royal Antiquities Museum at 3 Lê Trực Street in Huế, starting on September 8 and ending on December 5, 2018.
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