La Boutique

La Boutique boasts a unique collection from trendy fashion to traditional refined handicrafts, from travel accessories to jewelry, as well as a gorgeous oil painting collection depicting Vietnamese daily life and families of the 1930s.

Chula fashion by Laura Fontan & Diego Cortizas
Chula developed a line of clothing that connects the colourful world of Spanish design with sewing and embroidery techniques and the richness of Asian fabrics.

Painting collection
Sourced from local and world famous artists in Ho Chi Minh, Hue and Hanoi, La Residence's gallery is home to an array of folksy paintings portraying local culture during French colonial era.

Discover exclusive products made from fine woods, quality fabrics and metals, ceramic, horn and other precious materials designed by Valentina Bottari.

MyWay Deco by Jacques Blanchard
Jacques Blanchard’s creations are a marriage between simplicity and luxury: simplicity in lines and curves, taking inspiration from a ‘Zen art-deco’ style; luxury in materials, mixing high quality lacquer, textiles and colors to create deep sheen, light reflection and contrast.

Vinh Hoa
Sophisticated household items and accessories made from horn products as well as luxury handmade embroidered fashions.